Long-winded and comfortable shopping starts at MASKO ...

Children are entrusted to MASKO!

MASKO, the biggest furniture city of the world, provides shoppping with complemence to the families who come for furniture shopping with its free "Children's Entertainment and Care House" service.  

It is not a problem now "where to leave their children" for the parents who come to MASKO for a visit or shopping. The "Kids Entertainment and Care House" which has been opened under the project of Spring in MASKO is free and enables the parents who come to MASKO to do a long-winded and comfortable shopping. "Kids Entertainment and Care House" as a gift of 25th year by MASKO to the parents gives its services free of charge.

While the parents do their shopping in confort, they can leave their children to free Children's Entertainment and Care House of MASKO.  What can children find here? Playing grounds, sleeping rooms, food&beverage halls, joyful time under the supervision of experienced specialists in an area of 150 square meters.  Particularly parents who come to MASKO for shoppins at weekends can leave their kids to Entertainments and Care House betwen 10:00 a.m and 06:00 pm.  The parents shall not pay any fee for using this service of MASCO.  For a comfortable "furniture" shopping in MASCO, Entertainment and Care House is a very ideal service.

The aim of this project which has been initiated within Masko is to provide customers who will make furniture shopping to stay for a longer time more comfortably.  Thus, an alternative solution is provided for those who are concerned about "where to leave my child while shopping" at Masko.

MASKO invites all people of İstanbul with various activities and campaigns which will last from March to June under the scope of spring activities.  Renewed green areas, "Urban House Project", "Armchair of the Urban House Competition", free "Kids Care House" and a home gift to as a result of a lottery enables MASKO to prove that it has the greatest title in the furniture industry which has a volume of 6 billion dollars.

You can get more detailed informatio about Masko Furniture City and campaign on web site www.masko.com.tr or via phone (0212) 444 1 675.